We will love being able to accompany you in this wonderful event. Whatever the event, in our restaurants, La Viborilla, Malibu beach Bar and Niña bonita will be different, unique, special and family, without a doubt. Nostra, the Lara sisters and our entire team will do everything to your needs to make sure that is what they expect We have a space for each event imagined as weddings, baptisms, communions, farewells, business lunches, birthdays, anniversaries. We will love that you choose us and without a doubt it will be a great decision. We assure you! All our events are personalized, adapting completely to your tastes. Consult us without obligation: No matter the number of guests or the budget, there is a safe space that fits what you are looking for. we have three wonderful and spectacular sites with fantastic views and situation and each one with an essence, that without a doubt will amaze your guests. Do not hesitate to ask for more information and budget.

La Viborilla

The charm offered by the Viborilla makes it the perfect place for all kinds of events. a natural scenario where you will be the protagonist of your biggest dreams and desires.


Malibu Beach Bar

Events on the seashore. We create a relaxed environment for your celebration to be idyllic.


La Niña Bonita

Spectacular views of the sea and the entire bay of Fuengirola from our garden, party room with capacity for up to 300 people. An ideal place for any type of celebration.